Youth calling on EU Finance Ministers to


Prior to EU Finance Ministers adopting Climate Finance Conclusions for COP27 on 4th of October, CAN Europe has launched a video with youth activists from 10 EU countries and 1 from Nigeria, calling on Finance Ministers to recognise the EU’s historical responsibility in the climate crisis and pay up for Losses and Damages in the Global South. The call to action was backed up by the CAN Europe climate finance recommendations.

What is climate justice and why does it matter?

The climate crisis is affecting all of us, but not equally. Through heatwaves, destructive weather, rising seas, and historic famines. The climate crisis is hitting hardest the people who are least responsible for the problem, and least resourced to protect themselves from the impacts due to oppression and discrimination. This is climate injustice.

Frontline communities hit by the climate crisis need money and support. For instance to rebuild homes and hospitals or to compensate people for losing their livelihoods after a cyclone. A dedicated, international fund for frontline communities to cope with the loss and damage due to the worst impacts of climate change is a first step towards climate justice.

Climate injustice

Climate justice